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What did you think was going to happen if you named your kid Lorna Jeanne?

Maybe if you had stuck with Lorna Jean, she would have been okay. But no, you had to add the second n and an e to make it more fancy. It's embarassing to think this woman lives somewhere in my vicinity. She would be funny in a book. (And maybe some day I will have to steal her. Imagine her back story!) But in real life, she's more of a head scratcher.

From today's Oregonian:

Woman gets date -- on docket -- via 9-1-1
HILLSBORO -- On Monday, a 45-year-old Aloha woman who called 9-1-1 for a date with a deputy instead received one in court.

Lorna Jeanne Dudash is charged with one count of improper use of 9-1-1 for telling a Washington County emergency dispatcher to send a deputy she thought was a "cutie pie" back to her house, even though she didn't have an emergency.

"Heck, it's not very often that a good-looking man comes up to your doorstep . . . Can you send him back my way?" she says on a 9-1-1 tape that became late-night talk-show fodder.

On Monday, Dudash rejected a plea bargain during a pretrial conference. The deal would have required her to plead guilty to the charge, but serve no jail time, said Mark Richman, Washington County deputy district attorney.

Now if she is found guilty, Dudash could be sent to jail for as long as a year and be fined as much as $6,250, the prosecutor said.

Dudash looked chagrined to find reporters in court Monday, and walked past television cameras and a radio microphone without saying anything. Public defender Leah Greenwald, who is representing Dudash, also refused to comment.

Visiting Judge William C. Snouffer on Monday set Dudash's trial for Oct. 26.

When neighbors complained last month that Dudash's stereo was too loud, two Washington County sheriff's deputies delivered a warning to her Aloha home. After they left, Dudash called 9-1-1, first saying she wanted the "cute" deputy's name and then asking that he be sent back because she wanted to meet him.

He went back to the house, where he arrested her.

"We have a clear case where a crime was committed," Richman said after court. "It's on the books, people wasting law enforcement resources."

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