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Weather and other issues that can f-up a tour

I told you about the signing I went to this week when I was the only person there. A beautiful evening in June in Oregon, well, that’s hard to fight against.

Touring near a holiday is also a dicey idea. It’s also no fun being in town at the same time as some other, much more popular event.

I hate to tour in winter because of snow. Rain is okay, except in LA, where people freak out. (I once had an escort seriously ask if we could wait until it stopped raining before we left the airport, because he was afraid to drive in the rain. Let's just say he would never, ever be able to live in Portland.) For most people though, a rainy, overcast day is a good day to go to a reading.

Snow is bad for touring authors in much of the Pacific Northwest. In many cities, snow doesn’t happen enough for us to get any good at driving in it. Put two inches of snow in Seattle or Portland and the whole city stays home, makes cocoa, and sleds on pieces of cardboard and garbage can lids. Those who try to drive end up on YouTube as they crash into other cars. I did a signing in Seattle once when it snowed four inches. It was me, the bookstore coordinator, 100 chairs, 100 books (somebody was optimistic!) and 1 lady who had missed her bus.

However, after this week, I’m thinking touring in summer might be worse.

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