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Did you keep a diary when you were a teen?

From an Oregonian article: “Every other month, Stallings clutches a teenager's worn diary, opens it before a crowd of 125 and reads a hyperbolic invective from 1989: ‘Well, my life is over. Really. Mrs. Marinony 'appreciated' my paper. My grade is still extremely low! I can't do ANYTHING right. I can't right [sic] a paper right.’”

I was a teen a lot longer ago than 1989, which might explain why I no longer have my teen diary. I remember debating about whether I would smoke pot or remain a virgin while still in high school (and calling both of them wrong), the horror of my brother tossing my bra out the window to the 18 boys who lived in my neighborhood, and my musings that perhaps I could possibly be lesbian. (I loved the word – it was so exotic! At the time, I was repressing the memories of what exactly our teenage babysitter, Christine, had done, but I think that it was still coloring my thoughts.) Nixon resigning merited a single line.

Do you still have a diary you kept when you were a teen? Maybe you could check out one of the events mentioned here.

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