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Indies upset at NPR-Amazon link

PW reports that independent booksellers are made at National Public Radio. “When NPR released its summer reading list and linked purchases to Amazon, booksellers like Josie Leavitt, co-owner of Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, Vermont had mixed feelings. On the one hand, she advised other members of the New England Independent Booksellers Association listserv to print out the list, because she had three customers in one day ask about books on it. On the other hand, she said, ‘I was aghast when I noticed that the Buy This Book link goes right to Amazon.com and no one else.

Other bookstore owners complain that they donate to NPR and feel insulted. However, have you ever tried to buy a book through Booksense? You have to go through several hoops – first typing in your zip code, then picking a bookstore, then hoping they have a website, and then hoping they have a purchase feature on their Web site.

It’s easier to buy at Amazon. And you can add a pedometer, CD, and a box of cereal to your order and get free shipping. Even if you chose not to buy at Amazon so you can support your local bookseller (as I usually do) it’s still easy to use Amazon as a kind of virtual Books in Print – one place where you can gauge how well the book is selling, read reviews (both professional and not), and more.

All the being said, I buy nearly all my books at my local independent bookstores.

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