aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The best fan letter ever!

This is how the best fan letter ever begins: “Hello, I'm ______ and I am about to turn 14. I have been reading your books nonstop and they are so great. The first one I read was Shockpoint which my mom saw in the new books section of our library and I read it and thought it was great! Then I asked my mom to get some other books from you and she did. I read Learning to Fly and loved it!” She goes on from there, praising each of my books in turn and saying how happy she was to have found me on the Internet so that she could write me.

Why this makes me happy:
1. Her mom picks out books for her to read and clearly has made her daughter a reader.
2. She’s nearly 14 and still getting along well with her mom. Gives me hope for my 12-year-old and me.
3. This letter made me remember how I used to find a good author and read every single thing they had ever written. I didn’t care if it had been published five years earlier - that didn’t even register. It was just loving them and reading their books, one after another. That hardly ever happens to me anymore. Now it’s a rare, rare author who excites me, and then when they do I parcel out their books over time, afraid they will pall.
4. Her enthusiasm and joy.

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