aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

This is just sad

"Can you bring me any books next week?" my mom asked me plaintively on the phone this morning. We're planning a family reunion on July 15. "I can't go to the library any more since they closed it."

That's right. All the libraries in Oregn's Jackson and Josephine counties have been closed since April 7. Other things are suffering, too - meth crimes aren't being prosecuted, one county's DA quit rather than preside over an impossible budget cut, one place doesn't have any law enforcement for two hours every night.

I'll bring my mom some books, of corse, and I just ordered some for her, but our tastes are different (so hopefully I'll get it right). But I still can't believe that the place that gave me so much happiness - and my first job - is gone!

You could read more here.

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