aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

"Most [high school] kids are almost not reading at all"

This is scary. The Boston Globe reports: "Nevertheless, the Harry Potter craze, as distinct from the books, does not have everybody smiling. Notwithstanding the millions of books sold, a report on children's reading by the National Endowment for the Arts, due to be released in the fall, finds that reading among adolescent children is in trouble. 'Reading scores and rates seem to be going up in the age 7-11 range,' NEA Chairman Dana Gioia said in an interview. 'But when kids hit high school, all the social pressure takes them away from reading and you see an enormous fall, to a point where most kids are almost not reading at all. A quarter of all kids read for pleasure. Most of the others don't. Because kids read less, they read less well. Because they read less well, they have lower levels of academic achievement. God bless Harry Potter, and please send us many more. But one book or series of books is not strong enough to counterbalance the trends.'"

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