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Like Blake Nelson? Want to know more about him?

Blake Nelson has written for both adults and teens. And he’s from Portland, like me! In fact, we have a lot of stuff in common:
1. He took a writing workshop with Craig Lesley. And I first met Craig Lesley at a writing workshop. The very cool thing about Craig is that he treated me like a real, published writer long before I was one.
2. He writes books for YAs and adults. And I do too!
3. He has written 15 books and published 8. I’ve written 15 books too! Published six, have two more in the works, and have two looking for homes that I think will be published.
4. His book Panic Park is being made into a movie by Gus Van Sant. It was filmed a few blocks from where I work, AND a friend of ours was in Gus’s very first movie, Male Noche, as well as Drugstore Cowboy.
For some reason, even though we have so much in common that we could be (fraternal) twins separated at birth, I haven’t met Blake Nelson – have you?

Read more about him here.

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