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Some good books-to-film possibilities

Variety reports that Russell Crowe will join Leonardo DiCaprio in "Body of Lies," the William Monahan-scripted adaptation of the David Ignatius novel that Ridley Scott will direct for Warner Bros. It will be shot in the fall.

And Ryan Gosling is set to star opposite Rachel Weisz in Peter Jackson's feature adaptation of Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones for Dreamworks. Gosling will play the girl's father, Weisz the mother. Um, isn’t he a bit young? He is only 26. Oh well, he’s got a great body of work, and maybe that matters more. Weisz is 35.

And Peter Jackson – can’t go too wrong with that. He directed The Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as Heavenly Creatures. Right before that movie came out I had gone to hear Anne Perry, the mystery author, speak. The movie was about a true crime case – two girls in Australia, probably intimately involved, beat one of their mothers to death with a brick in a sock when they feared they might be separated. The movie caused reporters to search out who the real girls were today – and one was Anne Perry. I’ve never been able to read her stuff since. Probably just my own personal issue.

And PW reports, “DreamWorks has bought film rights to P.B. Kerr's fantasy series Children of the Lamp (Orchard). According to Variety, Nina Jacobson, formerly head of the Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, will produce. While at Disney, Jacobson oversaw the film franchises of Chronicles of Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean and Princess Diaries.” (Full disclosure: In a glaring oversight, PW fails to mention that Ms. Jacobsen once considered my Learning to Fly for the studio – but wanted to see a different treatment. Or, as my friend Karen Karbo says, “In Hollywood yes means maybe, and maybe means no.”)

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