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The wheels on the bus go round and round

Publishers Weekly reports, “Next month Levy Home Entertainment will bring together 20 African-American authors, put them on a bus and shuttle them around to eight Wal-Mart stores in two states over the course of four days for its Soul Expressions Author Tour. The authors from at least 10 publishing houses will board the luxury coach bus and meet readers at stores between Indianapolis and Chicago. Levy has taken this "more is more" approach in promoting writers for seven years now, creating cruise ship vacations wherein authors kick back with readers, and loading authors onto tour buses to visit a string of the mass merchandisers Levy distributes books to, which also includes Kmart.”

My writer friend Wendy French did this a couple of years ago, only it was Ohio and women’s fiction writers. As I remember, she said they had a blast, swimming in the hotel pool and getting a little tipsy at night, and bonding during the day.

Much as I don’t like Wal-Mart (I”ve only been once, just so I could lose my Wal-Mart virginity), this tour still sounds like fun!

Read more here.

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