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Wheeling and dealing

Ooh, I love the weekly Deal Lunch. And this time there were two pieces of good news:

How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets author Garth Stein's THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN, a heart-wrenching but also humorous and uplifting story of the family dog's efforts to hold together a young family in the face of illness, death, and a divisive custody battle, to Jennifer Barth at Harper, at auction, for publication in June 2008, by Jeff Kleinman at Folio Literary Management. Foreign rights are handled by Anna Stein; film rights are with Howard Sanders at UTA.

A. I loved How Evan Broke His Head.
B. It won a PNBA award. I’ve been nominated, but that’s it.
C. This was the first “adult” book my kid ever read (we were in Europe with a dearth of books in English, and I had just finished it, so I knew there wasn’t too much I thought would be bad for an 11 yo who reads above grade level.
D. Garth Stein, on his website photo at least, appears yummy (you gotta go check this out, girls (and interested guys)!)

Jennie Shortridge's LOVE AND BIOLOGY AT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, depicting a woman's struggle to reconcile her best and worst selves as she runs away from home at 40, leaving her (possibly) philandering husband and ungrateful grown daughter to work at an offbeat coffee shop in central Seattle, to Claire Zion at NAL Accent, by Jody Rein at Jody Rein Books (NA).

A. I first met Jennie when her first book was a year away from publication. I said, “You gotta talk to me, kid,” and we had lunch and I told her everything I wish I had know about publishing before my first book was published.
B. She is very good at self-promo, so I could probably learn from her now.
C. Jennie was almost literally orphaned a few years back when her editor died. (usually that phrase is applied to folks whose editor moves on)
D. Jennie told me that in this book the woman goes on a road trip taking only something that rhymes with “shy dater.” I am too shy to even say THAT!

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