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I am to blame for the breakdown in civilization

According to a newspaper reader in Florida, I encourage drugs and gangs and ruin schools. The paper reported that the local school put their summer reading list on line. It included Shock Point. And here’s the sole reader comment, reprinted here verbatim:

“Anybody LOOKED at the crap on the list??? And we WONDER what's up ????? Doesn't it stand to reason that in a school with a D rating and drugs and gangs (and some excellent students in the mix as well), that the WISER suggested reading would lean more towards growth and leadership? Unlike the following - "don't trust those in authority" ... ya, just what we need. Here's just ONE on the list. Give me a break.

SHOCK POINT by April Henry
In this fast-paced thriller, fifteen-year-old Cassie discovers her psychiatrist stepfather's connection to the suicides of three teenagers who had tested an experimental drug. To shut her up, he ships her off to a juvenile delinquent center, where she's physically, emotionally, and psychologically battered.”

(Full disclosure: Reading this comment just made me feel kind of queasy. Even though I know I should be secretly thrilled and cross my fingers that it gets banned so I can generate some media interest. Even though the same Google alert let me know that Shock Point was on the Ann Arbor schools summer reading list. And I have never even been to Michigan!)

See for yourself here.

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