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Huh? Where was the editor?

Yes, yes, it's good to end each chapter on a cliffhanger. Great, in fact.

I just finished this kind of awkwardly written book called Hooked.. It's certainly got a hook-y premise - a guy is in an Internet cafe when a girl drops a note on his table and walks out the door. The note says he needs to leave the cafe immediately. And it's written in the handwriting of his dead girlfriend.

Here's the last part of Chapter 55:
Inside walked a familiar face, with a familiar facial contusion. Dave Eilliot. He looked at Annie and nodded.

The executives, furious and bewildered, stood.

Glenn lunged toward Annie like a panther.
Okay, let's just put aside that wierdly awkward "Inside walked a familiar face..."

I thought Glenn attacked Annie. So I read the beginning of chapter 56 expecting to see the repercussions. But I guess it was hyperbole or the author meant verbally or something. Because now Glenn is "frozen with anguish."

Kids, don't do this at home. Don't end a chapter with an exciting plot development that is really just a ruse.

I can't figure out if this was bait-and-switch or just poor writing.

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