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How could a sweet girl turn into such a monster?

Or at least, how could a sweet girl write about monsters? The girl in question is Chelsea Cain. I know her enough to email, and we both inhabit the same fair city. I've read Dharma Girl, her book about growing up as the child of hippie parents, and she's also written a spoof/homage to Nancy Drew called Confessions of a Teenage Sleuth, as well as contributed to Does This Cape Make Me Look Fat.

She's funny. She's gentle. She's touching. She writes a funny, gentle, touching column for the Oregonian. Read the most recent one here.

And now she will soon have a very big book out indeed, a serial killer novel that's being compared to Silence of the Lambs. With a first prining of 200,000 and foreign rights sold in 15 countries, this book is a big deal. (Full disclosure: I'm just having trouble fitting it with the Chelsea I know.)

Read an interview with her in the London Observer here, including some of the gruesome details. (Also some oddities: anyone ever heard of a "low-fat croissant"? If so, I want one. Now.)

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