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A bigger audience and more sales: what’s not to like

The San Fransisco Chronicle reports on "several large West Coast companies such as Google, Microsoft, Starbucks and Yahoo" that bring in authors for author presentations and bookselling events. "Although writers have long given lectures at universities and community centers, growing demand for them at the office is forcing publishers to rethink the traditional author tour and inducing booksellers to create ties with the corporate campus next door."

The whole thing started at Microsoft, which hosted science and technology authors in the late 90s and then included general authors. They worked with Kim Ricketts at Seattle's University Bookstore. Now she has her own business and runs events in Seattle and San Francisco: "clients now include Starbucks, Nordstrom, Real Networks, Boeing, Kimpton Hotel Group, CNet and YouTube, and she is planning to open satellite offices this fall in New York and Washington, D.C., to further her focus on book events for Fortune 500 companies."

I was actually supposed to do an event in Starbucks back in May of 2003, but something fell through the cracks and it didn’t happen. I was so anxious about getting lost in Seattle, it might be better. It’s quite possible that I would still be driving the freeways looked for the right exit and holding my map upside down.

Read more here.

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