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It’s happened again: “proof” that agents and publishers don’t have taste

Every now and then someone re-keys a famous novel and sends it off to agents and editors and then uses the rejection letters as “proof” that publishing sucks.

Making only minor changes, the head of the Jane Austen festival sent off chapters from three of her best known books: "Northanger Abbey," "Persuasion", and "Pride and Prejudice," which he renamed "First Impressions," to agents and editors in the UK. And he got rejection letters back.

Why is this kind of a crock?
A. The style and language of those books are not the same as the style and language of books being published today.
B. An assistant at a literary agent I know reads 100 queries a DAY. No time for thoughtful feedback.
C. At least in the US, publishers seldom look at unagented manuscripts.

Read more here, including a letter from an editor who caught on.

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