aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

"I was Bigfoot's Love Slave!"

Traditional media is dead. Newspaper circulation is in a death-spiral. And here's proof. The Weekly World News is closing!

Where else will we get information about how a lost sandal of Jesus was found in Central Park, or that al-Qaeda was plotting to hijack Santa's sleigh? The Web site will not fill the void!

My two favorite memories: "I was Bigfoot's Love Slave" - supposedly written by a male logger, and featuring this tidbit: "...he was very gentle, we lived in a cave, he brought me small game to roast on the fire...." We had that one on the fridge for a long time.

And explaining to my five-year-old that the photo showing Bill Clinton with what was supposedly a three-breasted intern was Photoshopped.

Other good ones:
Man Grows World's Longest Nose Hair,
Dead Puppy's Ghost Breaks Wind and Burst
Sick New Fashion: Built-In High Heels! Woman get stilettos implanted directly in their heels, giving them "that alluring wiggle" even "while at the beach!"
New For Fatties: Do-It-Yourself Stomach Stapling Kits!: "Despite all the hype from 'real' surgeons, the fact is anyone with a high school education and a steady hand ought to be able to do these operations."
Weeping Virgin Mary Statue Ruining Church—With Tears!: "She's caused so much flood damage, she'll have to go," says Pastor.
Blabbermouth Parrot Testifies at Divorce Trial!
Pimp Writes Self-Help Book, "Chicken Soup for the Ho."
Aging Space Alien Applies For Social Security!

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