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Hot, not, and back again

Christopher Landon, Michael Landon’s son, has just been named by Variety one of 10 Screenwriters To Watch, This after having a quick career that petered out, but now is hot again. He says, "I was the flavor of the month, and then I was quickly dismissed. I reached a point in my career when I couldn't get a meeting anywhere," he recalls.

After writing Larry Clark's "Another Day in Paradise" when he was just 19, followed by MGM's "Blood and Chocolate," Landon left Los Angeles for Austin. And no one wanted his scripts anymore.

But he eventually wrote a spec script called “Disturbia.” It was passed on by every studio, but then bought by Montecito Pictures, brought to DreamWorks, and spent three weeks at No. 1 at the box office in April. It was even pretty good.

Read more here.

I've seen this happen with authors, too. Janet Evanovitch was, at one point, a washed up romance writer.

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