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Anyone out there know this story?

There's a sci-fi story that is probably thirty years old. I would love to read it again. It's about a guy who has found out that aliens have infiltrated earth and are running it. They look just like us - the only difference is that they can't be killed. He is continually captured and imprisoned, breaks out, and then tries again to find a way to spread the word to warn the humans. The story ends when he is facing capture yet again and decides he can't bear going back to prison. Standing in front of the mirror, he cuts his own throat.

And watches it as it heals closed.

He himself is an alien.

This story made a huge impression on my while I was a kid (along with the one about the kid who can read other people's thoughts and reacts badly to them - this was turned into a Simpsons episode - and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream).

Obviously my version is missing some crucial elements, because my kid had a lot of quibbles when I tried to re-tell it.

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