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I saw another author’s dream come true

At least, it is MY dream. I’ve always wanted to see a stranger reading one of my books. Instead I saw someone reading Ellen Hopkins’ book Crank on the elevator at work. She’s my myspace “friend” and that was back in the day when I saw my myspace friends kind of like real friends, people I might go out for drinks with. I probably use the term more loosely now. Anyway, I was excited on her behalf. I told the reader that I was friends with Ellen on myspace, and then I sent a message to Ellen telling her about it.

So because I still think of Ellen as my friend, I was excited when I read a feature about her in PW online: “Ellen Hopkins sold her first verse book, Crank, just on the first 75 pages—and without an agent. Since then she has written three additional books—all in verse—dealing with heavy subjects such as teen drug addiction and suicide. Here she speaks with Bookshelf about the power of her format, why her readers trust her so much, and her latest book, Glass.”

Read more of her interview here.

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