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Going Blind

Put your hands over your eyes. Completely cover your left eye so that you can see nothing. On the outside edge of your right eye, leave a tiny gap so that your field of vision is perhaps 5% of what it normally is.

This is how much my main character (in the book I'm working I'm on now, Shadows Walking Backward) can see. You'll notice that it's completely out of focus. Did you know that only what you are looking at directly is 20/20? The rest of your vision is more like 20/200. That is, what a normal person could see at 200 feet, you'd have to be 20 feet from to see. At the edges of your vision, you are legally blind. It doesn't feel that way, because we naturally focus our eyes on whatever we want to pay attention to.

I had a long discussion with an opthalmologist about what kind of damage Cheyenne might sustain, and how it would affect her eyes. The kind of injury she has is called a contracoup injury. Basically, she was hit in the front of the head, but the damage came when her brain bounced off the back of her head. (Hence the "contra.")

Cheyenne can't focus her eye on that one spot of blurry vision she has left. But it's all she has. And she's been kidnapped.

I've been walking around the house with my hands over my eyes, except for that one blurry crack off to the far side, to see what she sees. I probably look crazy.

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