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It’s true: some things that are mostly out of an author’s hands can make or break the book

Chicago Sun-Times book editor Teresa Budasi writes about selecting titles for review: "In some cases I know which titles to look out for, but mostly I'm surprised by what I find." On her new she is choosing a Book of the Day on the basis of "what catches my eye, whether it be a colorful book jacket, provocative titles or subject matter, the size or shape of the book or even a funny-sounding author's name.” Read the resulting blog here.

And I think it’s true that an eye-catching color or a great book jacket can make or break a book, like this gorgeous book that never quite lived up to its jacket. (Oddly enough, they colored it green for the paperback, which I don’t think did it any favors.) But it was still pretty good, a clever idea with a bit less engrossing execution.

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