September 5th, 2006

Steve Irwin - practically a death in the family

My sister-in-law's brother used to date Steve Irwin's wife. She's from Eugene, Oregon.

All my brushes with fame are like this - so far away they don't really count. Like I used to work with someone who dated Courtney Love when she lived in Portland. He worked in produce at Natures, and I was a cashier. Now he's an editor at Grove Atlantic who's also written a couple of novels, including one about that time in his life.

What tenuous connections to fame do you have?

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Stupid things I have done

1. Not insisting my kid wear sunscreen.

2. The entire year I thought regular Oil of Olay had sunscreen.

3. The time I broke my finger trying to do step aerobics on a milk crate.

4. The time I insisted to the ER doctor that my finger couldn't be broken because I could move it. ("Then what's this," he asked, tapping the X-ray. I had to wear a splint on my finger for several weeks. My middle finger.)

5. Insisting to the ER personnel that I probably had an ectopic pregnancy and going home with a pamphlet about eating more fiber. According to the pamphlet, my digestive system was run by little cartoon elves.

6. Trying to break a glass as my character needs to when she's tied up. After whacking it on the side of the counter several times, I allowed my kid to drop the glass. We are still finding pieces of glass three rooms over. (I did end up with a piece to use after I had kid tie my hands behind my back.)

7. Tagging my own book at Amazon. I didn't think the whole world would be able to see who tagged it. Won't you do be a favor and tag it with some kind of complimentary or at least neutral term? It's called Shock Point. The tag section is a little ways down the page.

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