December 19th, 2007

The “real literary world”

We don’t get no respect. No respect at all. That’s how a lot of genre (mystery, sci-f, romance) writers feel. And YA authors do as well.

Blake Nelson has been taking some flack for a quote in an article in PW about a reissue of his book, Girl. He’s had success as a writer in YA, so this novel, written for adults, is being reissued as a YA. [Full disclosure: and I don’t think is quote is so bad. Most adults – your peers – don’t read YA. So if you publish YA, you don’t really exist for them.]

“Nelson says when he was first trying to find a publisher, some friends actually recommended that he pitch Girl as a YA book. “I was resistant, because YA was so dead at the time, there was nothing interesting going on there,” he says. “Also I felt like I had done something interesting and wanted it to be out in the real literary world. So it was published as an adult book—and, of course, it took off with 12- to 18-year-olds.””

Cick on the link and look at the original cover – that’s supposed to be a photo of Judith Regan on the cover. At her suggestion, after she bought it. When she was far from a girl. Yes, that big, bad Judith. Who knows if it’s true, but she certainly has the ego for it.

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Save me!

Right now, I still work in a big office. A big office that occasionally buys good and services. And we know what means, right?

Chocolate at Christmas time. Lots and lots of chocolate.

Sees candy. Some kind of crappy stuff labeled "Georgia's Premium," which even though it IS crappy, hasn't stopped me from eating it. Treats from Starbucks. Moonstruck chocolates (ooh baby, that's the good stuff). Some coworkers bake bars and cookies to raise money to donate chickens and pigs to poor families through Heifer International. So of course I had to buy the chocolate peanut butter drops and the fudge. Because it was for a good cause.

One group sent us a fruit basket. With like boring fruit. Bananas and granny smith apples. Those are still sitting, untouched.

What's YOUR downfall?

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