February 5th, 2008

First day as a full-time writer

So Monday was my first day as a full-time writer. I have a million goals for my new life. Here's how I did on some of them:

Goal: Write 2,000 words.
Reality: Spoke at length to a medical examiner, and pretty much everything I had put in the autopsy scene was wrong. [Full diclosure: Damn Internet with your misleading ideas!] So I wrote for hours, but it was all rewriting and only added 300 words to the count.

Goal: Dress like I walked out of a J Jill catalog.
Reality: Wore sweats all day.

Goal: Clean some part of my house that has been in a time-warp for years.
Reality: Cleaned fridge. It took a long time. Oldest item with a date on it: 2005. But that was a "sell by" date. Not a "use by" date. Part of me wonders if it was wasteful to throw it away.

Goal: Break up the day by going for a long run.
Reality: Winter in Oregon means rain. Lots and lots of rain. The only way I can get a run in is to do it first thing before I chicken out. So I ended up on the exercycle in the basement reading "Short Bus." (A wonderful book for anyone who has been labeled disabled, or who knows someone who has.)

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How one author successfully thought outside the box

Park Seeds sends out a weekly newsletter. When new writer Rosemary Harris contacted them about using a photo from their site for the cover of her book, she ended up with a lot more than that.

The newsletter says, "Looking for garden fun when you can't be outside in yours? Then this lively mystery may be just what you need. Pushing Up Daisies is the first in series of intriguing, fast-paced mysteries featuring Master Gardener/amateur sleuth, Paula Holliday. Paula can handle deer and slugs -- but she's not prepared for the mummified body she digs up her first day on a new job! Casual snooping turns dangerous when another body turns up and one of Paula's friends appears to be a suspect.

"We first met Author Rosemary Harris when she contacted Park Seed about possibly using one of our daisy images on the cover of the book she was working on. In the end they went with a fun, illustrated cover, but we're pleased to be able to offer our dear subscribers a free sneak peek of the book courtesy of Rosemary and her publisher!

"Download the first chapter of the book, absolutely FREE. If you like what you see, of course the complete book is also available for purchase on our website."

[Full disclosure: while there was probably quite a bit of serendipity involved, that's some smart marketing!]

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I wonder what the UPS guy is thinking

My husband hasn't been too fond of my new boxing routine with the heavy bag in our basement. Since I was doing it before I left for work, the sounds of my grunts and thudding blows would filter up to where he sat eating breakfast, reading the newspaper, and listening to NPR. He didn't find it peaceful.

Today I did it in the afternoon. Ah freedom! Only at some point I realized I was hearing footsteps on the porch. There was a long pause while we both listened to each other. I was breathing loud enough that he probably could hear me.

And then he turned and left.

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