March 20th, 2008

It's here! It's finally here!

Quick - guess which photo is of me and which is not of me?

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If there was any fairness in the world, I know which one it would be. Sigh.

Nearly a year ago, Cooking Light asked some of its readers if they were looking for help with a fitness challenge. I wanted muscular arms. And they picked me! And devised a boxing routine.

At first, I was dubious. In high school, I was clumsy and uncoordinated. (How clumsy and uncoordinated, you ask? Well, a girl who was developmentally disabled beat me in tennis. I don't think she had ever beaten anyone in her life. She crowed up and down the halls about it. And a girl with juvenile arthritis so bad she couldn't even use her right hand beat me. She didn't tell anyone, thank goodness. But we both knew.)

Sure, now I'm a runner and lift weights, but those don't require a lot of coordination. Boxing uses every part of your body.

It turns out I LOVE it. I got street cred at my old job when I asked this guy who trains ultimate fighters for tips on my stance. The other guys gathered around while he showed me how to wrap my hand wraps. And best of all, I got deltoids.

You don't see any of that in the April issue of Cooking Light. Liability issues, I guess. [Full disclosure: plus my basement is dimly lit, has a concrete floor, and looks like a place where you torture prisoners.] Instead, they chose a model who was probably a foot taller, thirty pounds thinner, and has cheekbones you could cut yourself on. But hey, maybe if I keep boxing, I'll have them, too. I already have deltoids that pop up when I flex.

The odd thing is that when I was chosen, I told them I was a mystery writer (true). But I didn't tell them I had a day job. (It was always kind of embarassing when people asked why I was still working. The answer is that it's very hard to make a living as a writer.) But now I do work full-time as a writer, because I got very, very lucky with my last contract. Plus I have a husband who provides regular paychecks, health insurance, and daily hugs.

Check out the article - including videos! - here.

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