May 29th, 2008

Google, google, google

What people google to get to my Web site

Some of it makes sense:
- April Henry
- Shock Point
- Examples of clues in mystery writing

Some makes sense when you know I used to have a series featuring a vanity license plate verifier and have a list of great vanity plates:
- Mazda vanity plate
- Jeep vanity plate
- Dentist vanity plate
- Etc.

Some is kind of weird or scary:
- “over her mouth grabbed her”
- “why do burglars steal textbooks”
- “his hand over her mouth”
- “what does it feel like to have your hands tied behind your back with tape”

You can check it out yourself (it’s been around for years, so there’s lots of stuff: vanity plates, recipes, first chapters) here.

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Kidlit 2008 Bloggers Conference

A friendly school librarian just tipped me off to this conference held the weekend of September 27. She said it's great. And it's even held right in here in Portland. The 2008 Kidlit Bloggers Conference is for people who blog about children's books (or YA), or who write children's books (or YA) and blog.

I fall into both camps!

To learn more, click here.

Have you ever been to this conference? What did you think?

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Not like Harry Potter, but...

Straight from the lips of my UPS guy. He says they've all been told to expect to work late tomorrow to meet the demand for the new tell-all book from Scott McClellan, Bush's former spokesman. They are comparing it to the push to meet the demand for Harry Potter, although not quite as feverish.

From a PR perspective, it's been funny to watch the reaction. They've trotted out the well-worn "disgruntled former employee," and the hints that he's trying to cash in. They've also added a newer defense: that they are "sad" and "puzzled" as if Mr. M has gone crazy.

What would be crazy would be if he actually believed the stuff he said when he said it. That would be sad.

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