July 31st, 2008

Movies and the big time

I remember when my first book was published, I spent the next year going to all the mystery conferences because it was up for a couple of awards. (Which it didn’t get, but I did sit next to some winners and got to hear the sound they make when they win – it’s kind of a surprised squeal.)

Anyway, the buzz was all about Harlen Coben. At that point, he had written a series of well-liked paperback-only mysteries about a sportswriter that were known informally as the “blood balls” series because each cover featured a bloody ball for a particular sport. But then everything changed, and I heard it was because of a movie deal. Even before Tell No One was published, it was sold for a rumored cool million to Columbia Pictures. News of that movie deal seemed to shimmer about Harlen at Bouchercon. It was like the magic touch. Everything he wrote after that seemed to show up on the bestseller list.

Then the movie deal fell apart, I guess. Read more here about what happened.

But surprise, surprise! It went on to be made into a movie in France that is getting rave reviews in America. And now there’s talk of remaking it in English, and of making more movies of Harlen’s books.

One thing I find kind of eye-popping: he says one book sold 1 million copies IN FRANCE.

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The chance of a Lifetime – I know what I’m doing August 9th!

Author Lara Zeises has a secret identify: she’s also author Lola Douglas. As Lara, she’s published Bringing Up the Bones, Contents Under Pressure, and Anyone But You. As Lola, she’s the author of True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet and More Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet.

And now her book above a teen movie star has become a Lifetime movie starring some current and future teen movie stars – and a once-teen movie star, Valerie Bertinelli. How sweet is that? Many books are optioned, but few are actually filmed. The movie premieres August 9 at at 9 p.m., and Lara will be live blogging here – revealing secrets, stories, and reactions – during the movie!

Click here for more info and links. You can also visit Lara on the web here.

Kirkus says the books are “fun, breezy entertainment with thoughtful undertones.”

But as for me, I always like to ask authors questions that have to do with what I write: mysteries and thrillers.
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