October 11th, 2008

The pros and cons of not having a day job

Yesterday I spoke at a conference for school librarians from Oregon and Washington. It was held at the Portland Convention Center, not far from where I used to work, so I had lunch with the guy who used to be my "work husband." [It mattered not that he was gay, had a long-term boyfriend, and was 20 years younger than me.]

Watching the economy circle the drain has made me scared that I made the wrong choice to quit. Running into people from work yesterday (who talked about feeling like the walls were closing in and about how much they hated their jobs) made me realize I couldn't have stayed there and stayed sane.

I don't miss keeping to a rigid schedule, or meetings, or traffic.

I do miss "only in Portland" moments, like seeing two commuters on unicycles (who happily talked to people in cars at the light).

And I realize how suburban my life is now, especially when I caught a glimpse of a homeless guy who appeared to be dressed in furs laced to his body, plus a hodgepodge of clothes. He looked like Jeremiah Johnson.

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Department of Redundancy Department

I just saw this headline:

"Lisa Marie Presley reportedly gives birth to twin baby girls"

Um, don't people by definition give birth to babies? Or are they worried that because there are so many weird rumors above Elvis that they need to make it clear they weren't adults or aliens?

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