November 7th, 2008

I heart Costco

I heart Costco.

Because if you stick to your list, it’s affordable. [Just don't wander around to "see what else they have."]

And because a couple of times, they have had the good taste to carry my books. I cannot tell you how exciting it was to see them there. I pointed them out to anyone within twenty feet of me. I've even done a signing there. You sell a ton of books, but most folks are not used to seeing someone who isn't sampling.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for my next adult book. If you would like to read about how Costco chooses which books to promote, click here – it’s an article in their magazine. “It’s not uncommon for Costco to purchase 20 to 25 percent of a new book’s first printing.” While I know I get less royalties for these books (because they are considered “deep discounters”), I also take advantage by buying copies myself. I can get them for cheaper than my author discount, and I still get some kind of royalty on them.

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Five things on a Friday

1. Tonight I am going to an "authors-only" party for the Wordstock Festival at Weiden + Kennedy, pretty much the coolest advertising agency ever. Of couse, it's smack in the middle of the cool part of downtown (and not far from Powells). I'm thinking about parking four blocks away on a tucked away street I know that usually has parking spaces on it. My personal goal: to meet Stewart O'Nan. If he shows. Also not to spill food on myself. Or to get drunk. Or even tipsy. Or to "overshare."

2. I feel slightly crazy, I have so many irons in the fire. And each one of them needs to be a priority. Like finishing a book in the next few weeks (see where I am below). And proofing a 320-page book by Dec. 1. And getting the editorial letter for my 2010 release, which should be coming any day now. Oh, and hearing (and presumably doing something about) my agent's thoughts on a new book I wrote with another writer.

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4. Even though my mom plied me with bacon, icecream, half and half, and full-fat egg nog with rum, I seem to have lost a pound.

5. And on Sunday I'm presenting with Blake Nelson and teaching a class on 47 ways to increase the tension in your book.

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Wow! Some nights are magical!

I went to the authors-only reception for Wordstock tonight. Since my last book was published in 2006, and my last adult book in 2003, I am out of practice.

Something happened by accident that turned out to be the best thing. No one had name tags, and it was kind of intimidating to go up to a group that was already talking and horn in.

But! I wanted to meet author Stewart O'Nan. The only photo I've seen of him is with him wearing a baseball cap. So I went from group to group introducing myself, shaking hands, and telling them I was looking for Stewart, and asking men if they were Stewart.

I never did find him.

But I did find:
- David Corbett, a mystery author who I was last at an event with in Vegas (let me just say, not a reading town). He is really funny, talking about how his city's slogan should be be "Come for the crack, stay for the whores!"
- Lynda Barry. Lynda Barry, people! She draws the funniest comics, sad and edgy, too. For years I had one called "Think Twice" that showed the drawbacks of not-so-good ideas, including one leering guy saying "You must give yourself again to Ramone!" Linda and I had a long talk about Vitamin D and inflamation.
- I even met a Stuart. Stuart Cohen. His book, The Army of the Republic, was reviewed in the NYT. And he imports cashmere and lives in Juneau and rolls his eyes when you say Palin.
- Joshua Henkin, who wrote Matrimony, a NYT Notable Book. It seemed like he had worked with every famous author who also teaches that there is. Oh, if I lived in Brooklyn, I could know them, too!
- Alexandre Poussin, a French filmmaker and author of Afria Trek, who spent 39 months walking across Africa. It's now the subject of a PBS special. He wore a scarf in a debonair fashion and now lives in Paris.
- Two guys who work for Deschutes Brewing, which provided the brew. They were nice and wanted to know what the whole thing was about. And neither one was named Stewart.
- Blake Nelson! And everyone was right, he is nice! We talked about tennis and skateboarding.

and many, many more! I felt so literary!

Next party I go to, I'm looking for Stewart O'Nan.

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