November 21st, 2008

The Rape of Europa

Public Broadcasting is broadcasting The Rape of Europa on November 24. It’s about how the Nazis looted and destroyed art . I used this idea in my very first published book, Circles of Confusion. Circles, which came out in 1999, available used on Amazon for as low as a penny plus shipping – and there are even some more expensive “collectible” versions signed by me. My signature appears to be worth $9.99. [Full disclosure: I wonder if when I pay a bill by check, they would mind if I deducted $9.99?]

For more info on the TV program, click here.

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There's always something to worry about

I was on the phone with my agent this week, fretting that in a few months there will be reviews floating out there for Torched and Face of Betrayal.

What if reviewers don't like them? I get sick just thinking about it. I wrote the best books I can, but I have NO control over what others think. And I know from experience that some books can be polarizing. Learning to Fly got starred reviews from Booklist and Library Journal, as well as a film option. It also got a review in the San Francisco Chronicle so bad that I have mericfully blocked it out.

Then to make matters worse, my agent said that reviews seem to be showing up later or not at all. She thinks publications like Publishers Weekly might be cutting back.

So I immediately went from fretting about bad reviews to fretting about no reviews. Suddenly bad reviews seemed better than nothing.

And there's this story in, saying, "Agents are struggling to sell début and literary fiction, with novels taking longer to sell to publishers and more failing to find a buyer at all." And I'll have a couple of new books floating around pretty soon, hoping my agent wills ell them. The fact they aren't my first book nor literary fiction seems cold comfort.

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