January 9th, 2009

Get A Life is going to the Inaugural Parade!

Get a Life has fun even when it rains

Portland’s own Get a Life Marching Band is going to DC for Obama's inaugural parade! Every year, I watch these folks, who may be thirty or more years out from high school, march in the Multnomah Days Parade.

Founded in 1994 by Bob Pulido and John Lind, Get A Life is an all-adult band whose members have three things in common:
- They were all in high school or college marching bands.
- They still haven't gotten over it.
- They would rather miss a note than a meal!

Their motto is: Cogoito, Ergo Foodo.) I think, therefore I eat.

The presidential committee requested a song written in Oregon, so The Get A Life Marching Band will be playing “Louie, Louie.”

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I need your suggestions for newish YAs with a NW connection!

I'm working on a new YA roundup column for the Oregonian. I'm looking for books published from September 2008 onward that I might consider for the column. The catch is that they have to have some connection to the Northwest - that are written by an author who lives here (or at least grew up here) or that are set here.

What would you suggest? You guys were really helpful last time I asked. Anonymous (on topic) suggestions welcome.

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