January 15th, 2009

Making movies

Many authors dream not only of having their book optioned, but of actually being made into a movie. But many are called , and few are chosen. [Full disclosure: including, so far, me. Although there have been some really fun calls, and an option or two.]

""In 25 years in publishing, at Little, Brown and as a literary agent, I've found that most novels I've worked on ended up getting optioned by somebody," said Colleen Mohyde of the Boston-based Doe Coover Agency," but not one movie has been made." "

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It's time to stop nesting and start birthing

I've only had one baby, and let me tell you, it was a freaking painful experience. For reasons that are too complicated to go into, I ended up in a great deal of pain but was not allowed any drugs. At one point, the nurse suggested I get into the shower and my husband spray my belly with the shower massager.

This did not help one little bit.

I did start banging my head on the tiled wall, and that helped a little.

Anyway, last summer I started working on a new book when I had a break between other projects. Now I again have another break and want to move the book forward. But instead, I'm doing the book version of "nesting." I'm lovingly rearranging what I've already done.

But I need to start pushing. I need to produce something new. Even if I'm a little scared and it's a little painful.

Off to try to bring a new life into the world...

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