February 10th, 2009

Miss Match

I’m a newish and very proud member of the Girlfriends’ Cyber Circuit. Today I’m featuring Girlfriend Wendy Toliver and her book Miss Match (Simon Romantic Comedies). [Full disclosure: I think Wendy is the best name! Everyone named Wendy is great, including my agent. And did you know that the name Wendy supposedly was thought up by JM Barrie when he knew a little girl who called him, “My fwendy”?]

About the book
Sasha Finnegan has always had a knack for setting people up, and at sixteen, she's turned her talent into an online business, molding high school crushes into true love. But Sasha finds her toughest match yet when hottie Derek Urban asks her to set him up with Sasha's gorgeous sister, Maddie. It's not that Derek isn't a good catch. In fact, after spending so much time with him, Sasha can't help but think he's perfect -- for her, that is.

Can Sasha push her feelings aside for the sake of her business? Or has this miss finally found her match?

About Wendy
Miss Match is Wendy Toliver’s second Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy. It was a 2007 finalist in the Romance Writers’ of America© Golden Heart® contest in the Young Adult category. Wendy lives in the Utah mountains with her three little boys, her husband, and other various wildlife. She graduated from Colorado State University with a BA in Speech Communication/Broadcast and has had a variety of jobs, from performing singing telegrams to working at an advertising agency. And she’ll have a new book out in 2010, Lifted, in which a transplant to parochial school learns that not all students are as pious as they seem when she's inducted into a shoplifting clique and soon finds herself in over her head.

I asked, Wendy answered
A. What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you? Bonus question: have you used it, in any way, in a book?
W. My husband and I were drifting off to sleep and both saw, at the same instant, a child ghost in our room. He or she suddenly took off running down the stairs. My husband ran after it, but after looking into the “normal” circumstances surrounding it, we realized it was just the headlights of a car filtering though blinds at the end of the hall that we usually had closed.

A. Mystery writers often give their characters an unreasoning fear - and then make them face it. Do you have any phobias, like fear of spiders or enclosed spaces?
W. I have a little bit of a phobia of small, confined areas. If I’m going to the restroom in a non-public place, I’ll usually leave the door open, at least a crack.

A. Do you have a favorite mystery book, author, or movie? Agatha Christie for an author, Death by Bikini by Linda Gerber for a book, and I love any movie with a twisted, unpredictable ending.
W. At its heart, every story is a mystery. It asks why someone acts the way they did - or maybe what will happen next. What question does your book ask? Can Sasha push her feelings aside for the sake of her business? Or has this miss finally found her match?

A. Is there a mystery in life that you are still trying to figure out?
W. How do little boys get three complete outfits dirty every single day?

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Embrace your fat!

As I approach my birthday ending in a zero, I've been trying to get in better shape. But now a new study shows that being overweight makes you look younger. "A forthcoming study in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery offers one surprising idea: as you age, don't be afraid to put on a few pounds. Fat, it turns out, can significantly smooth out wrinkles and give you a younger-looking face."

It also says, "For twin pairs under 40, the heavier one looked significantly older. But surprisingly, after 40, that same four-point difference in BMI made the heavier twin look significantly younger. The study's authors theorize that "volume replacement" - that is, fat filling in wrinkles - accounts for the rejuvenated appearance of the older twins. This theory was supported even more dramatically among twins older than 55. For them, having as much as an eight-point higher BMI than their twin was associated with a younger appearance in the face."

Maybe I should gain weight!

Read more here.

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We're all animals at heart

We all know that the rich are different. But did you know they telegraph it by how they act? A new study found that "students whose parents were from higher socioeconomic status (SES) backgrounds engaged in more of what he called "impolite" behaviors, such as grooming, doodling and fidgeting. Lower SES students showed more "I'm interested" gestures, including laughter and raising of the eyebrows

The higher SES students fidgeted with nearby objects for an average of two seconds, while those from lower SES backgrounds almost never fidgeted during the 60-second clips. Upper SES students also groomed themselves for short stints while lower SES students didn't. Rather, the lower SES students nodded their heads, laughed and raised their eyebrows an average of one to two seconds more than their upper SES counterparts."

Read more here.

I wonder what my tape would show? I was raised poooor (one pair of shoes at a time and parents who sometimes lied and said they were full), but now have too many clothes and too much food.

The Girl in the Mini Cooper features a rich girl and a poor boy. She's a nice person, though - I wonder if she would fidget and groom?

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