February 16th, 2009

Pull back the curtain and see how awards really get decided upon

The head buyer at the Boulder Bookstore and the former Mountains & Plains bookseller of the year offers his thinking behind his nominees for the Indie Choice Book Awards. What’s interesting is the honesty: “There were two books on the long list that I read, but I decided against nominating for the short list. Garth Stein's Art of Racing in the Rain which I thought was too lightweight for an award. Also, Stein's book zoomed in popularity after Starbuck's featured it. Nothing says independent like a title that Starbucks makes. Dennis Lehane's Given Day, which had the best galley package of any novel this year, was a great lark of a story, but in the end I felt at 720 pages it was a bit unwieldy and somewhat sloppy.”

Read more here.

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It's getting desperate out there

I had finally gotten in the groove and had just just a brainstorm. What if Cody went to Gabie? Wouldn't that make an interesting scene? What would they to each other? Would she be frightened? Call the police?

Then the phone rang. As it does more and more often. Lately two or three times a day, my home phone rings. Sometimes no number is displayed on the Caller ID. Sometimes there's a number and the name of a city. When I answer, a recorded voice tells me I can reduce my credit card interest rate. If I hold to talk to an operator and then complain that I'm on the Do Not Call Registry, they hang up on me.

On my cell phone, I keep getting live people or sometimes recorded messages saying they are following up on my insurance quote.

Grr! I'm assuming this is related to the bad economy. But it breaks my train of thought. I finally just turned my cell phone off.

Is this happening to you?

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