February 18th, 2009

Fergie, why am I not surprised?

Okay, 30 months ago I wrote this in my blog:

I'm reading a woman's magazine last night - I'm a big magazine junkie, esp. in the winter, because they are so handy on the exercise bike - when I read this interview with Fergie. As in The Duchess. She says, "Did you know I'm going to have my own radio show? Maybe on Sirius. And my own TV show! And I've just signed a deal with St. Martins Press to write a historical novel - the next Gone with the Wind. I sold it without one chapter written! It's all in my head. My heroine is Lady Margaret, with red hair, and it takes place in the south of Ireland in 1759. I am Lady Margaret at the end of the day. It will be Pride and Prejudice meets 24!"


I want that deal. Esp. when you know someone else will write the book.

And here’s what I read today at a British newspaper's Web site:

"When Sarah, Duchess of York announced she was writing a historical novel entitled Hartmoor she modestly compared it to the works of Daphne du Maurier. ... But the "racy" work of fiction, due to be published by Macmillan at the end of last year, may never see the light of day following an announcement by her collaborator, Laura Van Wormer, an American historian."

To read more about how ridiculous that original article was, click here .

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In Too Deep

I’m a newish and very proud member of the Girlfriends’ Cyber Circuit. Today I’m featuring Girlfriend Jennifer Banash and her book In Too Deep. It’s the second in her Elite series.

About the book
If you don’t belong here— you just don’t belong…

The Bramford building’s newest resident and small-town transplant Casey McCloy is adapting to life in the Big Apple and loving it. She’s got the look, the attitude, and a delish new boyfriend, Drew Van Allen. But she’s starting to have second thoughts as to whether the “New York” Casey is the real Casey. And she’s not so sure she likes herself much anymore. She’s not the only one.

Madison Macallister has always had her Manolo Blahniks firmly planted on the top rung of the social ladder—until that corn-fed cow Casey stole Drew away from her and made her look the fool. So what if Madison wasn’t exactly dating Drew at the time? She wanted him. And everyone knows that Madison gets what she wants, like Drew—and a little revenge.

About Jennifer Banash
Jennifer Banash attended high school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and currently lives in Southern California with her Beagle, Sigmund, and her vast designer shoe collection. She is the author of THE ELITE series, published by Berkley Jam. The third book will be out in July.

I asked, Jennifer answered
A. What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you? Bonus question: have you used it, in any way, in a book?
J. The scariest thing that ever happened to me was when I astral projected in my sleep when I was thirteen. I had been trying to learn to project with a friend of my mom's for HOURS before bed, and couldn't do it. Backstory: my mom was really into Wicca for a while when I was growing up, and had lots of New-Agey friends around. So I went to sleep that night, and woke up on my ceiling, looking down at my sleeping body. For a minute I thought to myself "Wow, this is really cool!," but the moment I realized exactly what was happening, I SNAPPED right back in to my body! I've never, ever been able to do it again since, though I have tried . . . And unfortunately, I haven't been able to use it in a book . . . yet!

A. Mystery writers often give their characters an unreasoning fear - and then make them face it. Do you have any phobias, like fear of spiders or enclosed spaces?
J. I am terrified of bugs. Any kind of bug--I don't care if it's harmless, I just want it away from me--right now! I also can't kill bugs, so I always have to have my boyfriend stomp on them.

A. Do you have a favorite mystery book, author, or movie?
J. Agatha Christie, because I can never guess the endings! And I LOVE the films based on her books--particularly EVIL UNDER THE SUN, and DEATH ON THE NILE. [April’s tip for figuring out Agatha Christie—it’s always the person who couldn’t have done it.

A. At its heart, every story is a mystery. It asks whysomeone acts the way they did - or maybe what will happen next. What question does your book ask?
J. What will it take to be happy?

A. Is there a mystery in life that you are still trying to figure out?
J. Yes. My father disappeared without a trace when I was 2 years old. He was riding in a plane that went down in the mountains of South America. His body was never found, even though he was declared dead 7 years later. I'm still trying to find out what happened to him.

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