March 9th, 2009

Bluford Series

Galleycat says, “They have sold nearly 5 million copies of their books. There are over 15 books in the series. They've received accolades from the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, the Young Adult Library Services Association and were selected for the 2009 Quickpicks for Reluctant Readers. In fact, they are among the most buzzed about books in high schools and middle schools around the country.”

“What are they? The Bluford Series, published by Townsend Press. Come again? While you may have not heard of them, if you ride the subway in New York City or any other city and asked the Latino or Black American kid blasting his iPod next to you what the last book he read was (besides Twilight), it would probably be one of the Bluford Books.”

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Random things

What it was like running today: snow!

What it like running last week: warm! Or at least 48 degrees, warm enough that I eventually ran in a tank top.

Guess which I prefer?

Did anyone else hear the "next week" promo at the end of Lost last Wednesday where the announcer said, "Loyal ties will be tested"? I guess that's one way of looking at it.

I love our editor at Nelson. She feels like a partner. (Full disclosure: This is not always a given.)

My week:
Today - Wednesday: normal craziness
Thursday - dentist, Teen's banjo lesson
Friday - signing with Oregon members of SCWBI
Saturday - school auction
Sunday - drawing for free books (still time to get your name in)
Monday - Sisters in Crime speaker who is a specialist on sociopaths
Tuesday - Jury duty begins and revised manuscript due.

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Nelson thinks outside of the box – again

Publisher Thomas Nelson is making a special offer on some of their books: the price of the hardcover also includes an audio download and an ebook. Some think it’s a mistake to throw in something for free (readers might stop valuing ebooks and audio books), but I think it could be a smart move. Nelson is always thinking outside the box, like their offer to provide free books to bloggers who blog about the book and post a review on Amazon – and the review can be positive, negative, or whatever. (And I’m not just saying they’re smart because they will publish Face of Betrayal.)

Read more here.

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