April 15th, 2009

It sounds good – so why did they give it this title and cover?

PW says about Yes, My Darling Daughter: “Fans of old-fashioned gothics will welcome this tale of love, betrayal and death from British author Leroy (The River House). At first glance, Grace, a single mom, and Sylvie, her bright, lovely child, have a simple, happy life. Though Grace struggles to make ends meet, all is well until Sylvie begins to act out at preschool and with playmates. She has tantrums, makes odd remarks and has an extreme fear of water. As Sylvie's behavior worsens, Grace is at a loss to explain her daughter's outbursts. She seeks help, only to find herself and their "lifestyle" to blame. When Sylvie recalls what seem to be past-life experiences, Grace looks up a university professor who's studied the paranormal in the hope he can resolve Sylvie's increasingly erratic behavior. Heavy with atmosphere and rich in detail, Leroy's prose lures readers into a disturbing murder mystery.”

Sounds good, right? So why did they give it a title, a cover, and a typeface designed to appeal to readers who are, say, 70 plus? It looks like a book from the 1940s.

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