April 22nd, 2009

All’s fair in love and war – and writing?

Some novelists are married to each other. I’ve always thought that would be a tricky balance, although I know a few couples like that. GM Ford and Skye Moody are both mystery writers who married a few years back, for example. Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman are another couple.

And so are Eric Puchner and Katharine Noel. He wrote about the experience. So do they keep score? Read each other’s work?

Click here to find out.

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A conundrum

I run four or five days a week. And I'm old.

That means I remember when dog poop was everywhere. And dogs ran loose.

Now I very seldom see a dog just trotting down the street. And most people walking their dogs carring a plastic bag filled with dog poop.

But lately I'm seeing the little baggies left everyplace. Two pink ones tucked into someone's flower garden. A clear one that's been run over several times at the top of a big hill. A blue baggie resting on top of a wall.

Why? Why go to that trouble and just leave it behind?

My friend Karen Karbo, who wrote The Stuff of Life: A Daughter's Memoir, which is a memoir about her dad's death, talks about how she used to go for runs with her dog, and at a point along the route she would always stash her blue NY Times bag for retrieval on her way back. Then one day it went missing. She searched and searched for it, confused as to why someone would take a bag of poop.

Maybe they just thought it was abandoned.

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This idea would probably only work for one person, but....

As his Web site says, "In 2005, about a month after getting married, Seth landed in San Francisco, where he started writing Jack Wakes Up. After almost 9 months of working on the novel, he decided he was ready to podcast it."

Okay, most authors would probably complete that sentence by saying "ready to find an agent." But his idea of free podcasts actually worked.

You can read more about it in the San Francisco Chronicle
here. JACK WAKES UP was purchased by THREE RIVERS PRESS (Random House) and will be re-released on May 5th 2009. It has already received rave reviews from Publisher's Weekly, a NY Times Book Review is said to be in the works.

Want to know more about how he did it? Click here for a YouTube video.

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