April 28th, 2009

I wish Portland would do something like this: Murder and Mayhem in Muskego

Library Journal reports that a five-year-old program to put fans and mystery writers together has grown into an event that attracts hundreds of fans and features 25 authors. Last year, “Dennis Lehane set the mystery blogosphere abuzz by announcing his next book would be a continuation of his Patrick and Angie series.”

To read more about this cool program, click here .

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What I'm learning from teaching my class

I'm not an agent. I'm not an editor. I'm just a writer. And right now, I'm a writer teaching a class. Learn from my student's mistakes.

Put your last name and a page number in the header. That way, when I drop a pile of papers, they don't get all mixed up.

I've seen several examples of this:
"Don't go there", Donny said.


"Don't go there".

Punctuation goes inside quotes, unless it changes the meaning, like a question mark that was not meant by the speaker. Otherwise, commas and periods go inside.

One person used Courier, which is not easy to read at all. Use Times or Times New Roman.

Another person didn't indent paragraphs, but did double-space. You should do both.

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Can you explain the birds and the bees to me?

Specifically, the flowers and the trees?

This is one of a row of street trees. I think they are cherries. But several of them have small white flowers growing from lower on their trunks. I don't think all the pink flowering branches were grafted on, or the white flowering twigs - these are trees planted between a sidewalk and the street, not something anyone cares a lot about.

Is it something do with pollen? What are the white flowers?

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