May 14th, 2009

A conversation with four editors

Want to know what the hardest decisions editors have to make, whether they feel too many books are being published, and what they wish writers knew? (One thing they don’t think most authors know is that they don’t edit at the office – they don’t have time – and that they have to do it after they get home from work. Sounds kind of like most writers!)

Read this Poets & Writers roundtable discussion with four editors here.

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Borders tells stores and employees: Make a book (and maybe says you're gone if you don't)

PW reports "In January, soon after CEO Ron Marshall was hired, Borders began an independent-style strategy on a superstore scale. With thousands of titles from which to choose, the idea was to select a few works favored by Borders national sales officials and promote them nationwide in the spirit of a local seller, from prominent placement to personally advocating ("hand-selling") books in the stores. Borders calls it a "make" book program."

Sounds nice, right? But now allegations are flying that clerks are forced to recommend the titles to everyone who walks in the door, even those who clearly have no interest. That there are quotas and not meeting them can lead to a person being fired or even closing a store.

The LJ discussion thread for Borders employees:

Comments to the PW article (scroll down for the comments):

And an informal water cooler discussion here:

[Thanks to Publishers Lunch for the links].

I know some of the Borders folks who got the ax.It's a tough world out there right now.

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