June 17th, 2009

Is this the future of the newspaper business?

I’m old enough that a newspaper is still an important part of my day – but I know a lot of people, even people who read, who no longer subscribe.

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation is spending $100 million on 130 projects dedicated to new media and the future of news.

“We funded Spot.us, a site run by David Cohn, one of the smartest 25-year-olds I've ever met. His project invites journalists to pitch their stories to the public. The public then pledges small amounts of money until there's enough contributed to do an investigation of, say, why local businesses are closing in a neighborhood in San Francisco.”

I’m not sure I’m ready for the new world. But at least someone is trying to shape it. Read more here.

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Why Braydon in Dayton Ohio hates me

Hey Braydon. Remember that thoughtful letter you wrote me March 4 about Shock Point? Back when you were still in 7th grade? The one you actually enclosed an SASE with?

I just got it today. It's not my fault that you got one of the the numbers in the Penguin address wrong. Or that you didn't put "author" on the envelope, so it probably wasn't until they had some summer interns that one figured out where your letter needed to go.

But even though it's not my fault, I still feel guilty.

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