July 28th, 2009

"Does this make my boobs look good? "

There’s a blog that I’m lvoing, by an editorial intern who also has a book contract. It’s filled with fascinating bits like this:

“Editorial meetings are where manuscripts in the "maybe" pile either get voted off the island or stay on for another round. Before becoming an intern, INTERN supposed this involved a lot of vigorous debate over the deeper meaning of a given book, its cultural significance, its zeitgeist.

“What really goes on in editorial meetings is a lot like what goes on when a bunch of girlfriends go out shopping for clothes.

“Many acquisitions can be boiled down to one fundamental question: Does This Make My Boobs Look Good?”

Now, who can’t get hooked by that funny voice? You can read more of it here.

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Heat wave!

It was 103 yesterday.

It's supposed to be hotter today and tomorrow.

It will "cool down" to 95 on Friday.

I work at home. An unairconditioned home.

Oh, and our bedroom is on the second floor.

This morning, a lady at my Pilates class was laughing and saying how much she liked this weather. That you just have to "go with it" and "it's so refreshing."

I wanted to wrap the Theraband round her neck...

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This isn't what "friends" are for

So I don't spend much time on MySpace any more. Like most people, including all the teens I know, I've migrated to Facebook. On both MySpace and FaceBook, I accept pretty much any friend request that's offered.

But maybe I should be more picky. Because when I get a blanket message that went to every single person in someone's "friends" list, it does not really seem like a friendship. It seems like what it is, an effort to turn me into a sale.

The message was something like this:

"Hi Friends,
The softcover version of my book TITLE REDACTED is still on sale this week through Publish America's online store. The cost is $6.99, a big savings from MSRP $16.95. My book is also available in hardcover for $21.95. [Yeah, most books cost $21.95 for an early reader hardcover. And PublishAmerica is a vanity publisher. They will publish anything an author is willing to pay for.]

Here is a synopsis of my humorous early chapter book targeted to children ages 5-8:
[What follows is a tale that involves a naughty 5 year old, the accidental (and presumably humorous) killing of a pet, a visit to Santa, and barfing.]

Please don't try this at home. I don't mind a sales pitch, but it's got to be more subtle. And for something I would actually want to buy.

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