July 30th, 2009

I hear voices

Or maybe that should be I heart voice. The Institute of Children’s Literature has the transcript of a chat with Christine Kohler about writing with an authentic voice that is well worth a read. Sometimes I struggle with voice.

Here’s a sample of what she said:
“When I give a workshop on voice, we do exercises using the following stylistic features used to transfer voice from the air to the page:
- Sentence patterns
- Sentence length
- Word choice
- Word placement
- Punctuation

Read more here.

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106 and an upstairs bedroom make April a dull girl.

I am so tired that I just called my mom instead of my agent to tell her about my latest call with my editor (the one that made me realize 75% of the work that I just did trying to tear apart the manuscript and put it back together again will have to be redone. Again)

So after I called my mom, I really called my agent and left her a voice mail with an update. By the end I had drifted into thinking of my mom and how I accidentally called her.

So I ended my voice mail by saying to my agent, "Love you!"

Which I do, but it was kind of a secret until now.

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