September 17th, 2009

Is this any way to write a book?

This guy, Robin Sloan, is seeking backers as he writes a futuristic detective story. Is this any way to write a novel? No, probably not. Although I will say he he has got over $8,000 in backing, and I’ve known a number of people who have sold mystery paperbacks to mainstream publishers for as little as $5,000. Plus, it’s fun to look at his site and video, and shoot, you can get in on it for as little as a dollar.

For $3, you get a PDF and “behind the scenes update”
For just $11, you can get an actual book.
For $19, you get a signed book plus a “surprise”
For just $29 you get all of the above plus a listing in the acknowledgements. (Birthday gift for someone who has everything, perhaps?)

You can learn more about it here, and the video itself is pretty nifty..

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