September 23rd, 2009

Punctuation - it’s not just for emoticons any more

Do you know your brackets from your ellipses? For those of you who pride yourself on your punctuation, and for those who need a refresher course, have I got a holiday for you: National Punctuation Day, which is September 24! And what gives a national holiday more cachet than having an official meatloaf? [Full disclosure: this really doesn’t look like a punctuation mark to me, but rather something I would prefer not to think about.]

The Web site says, “NPD is celebrated in schools and businesses throughout the world with activities, games, programs, and contests. It has inspired people to pay attention not only to their p’s and q’s, but also their commas, semicolons, and ellipses. NPD reminds us of the importance of proper punctuation for communicating clearly at home, school, or at work.”

Want to know more about this exciting holiday that seems tailor-made for Dabid Lubar? Then click right here!

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Anyone up for a challenge?

I was running today when a woman ran past me and then parked herself about five feet in front of me. She was thin, and even though she looked like she ran a lot, she had an odd way of clenching her fists and then letting her fingers flare with each stride. [Full disclosure: maybe that was why she was thin.]

But let me say - nobody laps me! Especially not going down hill and when I have long legs! [Full disclosure #2: even if I am older and heavier.] I didn't want to run over her, so I crossed the street and still managed to get 25 yards ahead of her by the time we parted company.

My writing is dragging. I need to finish this book by Sept. 30, but life, like back-to-school night and various appointments, keeps getting in the way. Plus it's really hard for me to finish things, for reasons I don't quite understand.

But maybe if I felt like someone was challenging me, I would find the energy and discipline to power through. Anyone else want to try to write 2K words today? Anyone?

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