November 10th, 2009

The Seattle Seven

Seattle Magazine has a story about a group of writers that dubbed themselves the Seattle Seven.

The article says, “The group began in 2006, when writers and new friends Garth Stein (The Art of Racing in the Rain) and Jennie Shortridge (When She Flew) met for coffee to discuss issues pertinent to published authors—how better to promote their books, good and bad cover art, whether their editors are driving them nuts, etc. The meeting became monthly, and grew larger as they invited more local writers to talk shop. The original seven were Stein, Shortridge, Kit Bakke, Stephanie Kallos, Heather Barbieri, Randy Sue Coburn and Mary Guterson. The loose collective expanded to 10 (with Erica Bauermeister, Carol Cassella, and Maria Semple), then lost one (Barbieri is on sabbatical from the group), and has solidified into a nine-person steering committee (or as Stein jokes, “the tribal council”). They decided the Seattle 7 moniker had a nice enough ring that they wanted to keep it. “It sounds a little subversive,” winks Bakke (Miss Alcott’s E-mail), who, by the way, was a member of the Weather Underground and whose FBI file is 400 pages long.”

I knew Jenny when she lived here in Portland. She’s got a new book out, When She Flew, that Publishers Weekly compared to Barbara Kingsolver’s work.

And Garth? I was a fan long before The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel, which turned into the kind of book where you go on tour to Italy and it’s a bestseller in countries you’ve never heard of.

Read the magazine article here.

I’d like to start a Portland Seven, except there already was one. They were attempting to join Al Qaeda in its fight against the United States military, although they never actually accomplished much. My husband worked closely with one of the Portland Seven for years, and we knew his dad. It was a real shock. The days of the arrests, the neighborhood was filled with the sound of government helicopters hovering over the local mosque.

Maybe I could start a Portland Five or a Portland Eight?

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Don't decide the best way to end a breakup is with a shotgun

The local news today is filled with the story of a guy who went to the workplace where his partner worked and shot her, shot two other folks who worked there, and then shot himself. This happened about ten miles from here, at a company I used to work for.

If someone feels like they just can't go on, I wish they would take themselves out. Not take 3 or 13 other folks with them.

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