November 24th, 2009

Times have changed: from the court case against my great-grandfather

Jury instructions in the case against my great-grandfather for gunning down my grandmother's boyfriend:

"If you believe that the defendant, acting as a reasonably prudent man, just before he made the assault on Jim Wallis, honestly believed that the same said Jim Wallis was taking undue liberties with the person of his daughter, Effie, thereby by his wiles and blandishments to deprive her of chastity, that he had a right to act upon such appearances, and if necessary, to slay the said Jim Wallis to preserve his daughter's chastity, he could legally do so."

So I've heard of shotgun weddings. But the right to shoot someone for thinking he is going to seduce your daughter?

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Terror on the train

A local father was taking his son to preschool. As they were getting off the computer train, the three year old pushed a button for the handicapped exit - and the doors closed before the father could get out. A young woman on the platform tried to open the doors, but the train slid away.

And it was nearly 10 minutes before the poor dad could get back to his son.

You can read the original story here.

And you can read it from the “guardian angel’s perspective” here.

If the man had come back to an empty platform, that could have been the beginning of a great mystery novel. But I’m glad real life worked out the way it did.

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