January 20th, 2010

How publishers come up with titles

I’ve kept most of my adult titles, but have been zero for three with my YA titles. (Point & Shoot became Shock Point; Fire, Kiss, Electric Chair became Torched; Shadows Walking Backward became Girl, Stolen. We’ll see what happens to The Girl in the Mini Cooper.).

Ever wonder how publishers come up with titles? Agent Chip MacGregor, who has worked in a number of publishing houses, says, “At most publishing houses, they create a "titling committee" -- which is often an ad-hoc group of fairly creative types who come together to bat around ideas.”

Read more about the process here.

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The Daily Beast says Timothy Hutton is a literary sex god

The Daily Beast says, “Shortly after joining Twitter in November, [Timothy Hutton] tweeted about a literary blog run by Lisa Kenney in Centennial, Colorado, and began following other women she was friendly with. By the time Leverage returned to air (the first half of the season ended in September) he was chatting with Orlean, Wurtzel, Klam, and Twitterers like “Bookgirl96,” an anonymous publicity director at a “major house in NYC,” as her profile says, and “readandbreathe,” the nom de plume of Michele Filgate, the events coordinator for the RiverRun bookstore in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In between tweets about football (he’s an Alabama fan) and music (loves Led Zeppelin), Hutton gives book recommendations, discusses spelling variations, and promotes some of these women’s events to his over 5,000 followers.”

Now it’s nearly 6,000 followers, including yours truly. Now how can I get his attention? He films Leverage, a TNT show, here in Portland.

Read more about Tim Hutton and his tweets here.

Would you rather be a literary sex god or a literal sex god?

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