March 5th, 2010

OMG - how high profile is this!! Lisa Schroeder in The Guardian

Yes, that's The Guardian as in a paper in London, England!!

She was quoted in an article about teen fiction with dead or dying protagonists. "Lisa Schroeder, whose 2008 novel I Heart You, You Haunt Me sees a teenage girl's dead boyfriend come back to haunt her, agrees. "I think teens read about the dark stuff because they often feel like their lives are pretty dark. I get notes every week through my website from teens who tell me they are having a hard time," she says. "They tell me they can relate to Ava, the main character in my book. Most haven't experienced the death of a loved one recently, but the more general feelings of pain and isolation, they know well. I think there is something very cathartic in reading about another person's troubles.""

She's right there with the authors of The Lovely Bones, 13 Reasons Why and If I Say. So cool!

Read the whole article here.

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